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Frazier O'Leary
Ward 4 State Board of Education Representative



Since Frazier began teaching in 1970, he has been dedicated to making a difference in his students' lives by challenging them to fulfill the line from Robert Browning's Andrea Del Sorto: "A man's reach should
exceed his grasp". This charge motivates Frazier to aspire to continue on the State Board of Education as a voice for all of the students in Ward 4. During his years as a classroom English teacher at
Garnet-Patterson Junior High School, Cardozo High School, and still at the University of the
District of Columbia, he has constantly infused his classroom with his passion for reading and writing and
his desire to push his students towards the achievement of their goals. If that meant classes before school started, then that happened. If that meant classes for three hours on Saturdays for students to improve their critical reading and w
riting skills, then that happened.


One of the life-changing experiences in Frazier's life as an educator happened in the second semester of 2000 when Lee Alderman was placed in his AP Language class. Lee was the first Autistic child that he had ever had in the classroom and his contributions cemented O'Leary's career-long determination to live up to the concept of leaving no child behind. With the support of the Cardozo family and his classmates, Lee graduated as valedictorian of the Class of 2001 and went on to earn a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Chemistry from St. Mary's College and George Mason University respectively.


As a coach and a teacher, he has always felt that there was no obstacle that couldn't be overcome. The only thing standing in the way was someone else's limitations. In his classroom, there has always been the word CAN'T with a diagonal line through it. In his classroom, can't is not an option. There are no limits to what a student can do if given the right incentive for success.




Frazier has spent over fifty years dedicated to only one thing: his student’s success. This dedication to student success is the only reason why he is a member and  your voice on the State Board of Education. His background as a dynamic teacher, coach, and leader will allow him to advocate for every student at every level in our ward.

Frazier O'Leary


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