New Leadership: Delivering Results for Our Community

Frazier O'Leary has been a resident of Ward 4 for over forty years. As an educator, he’s been a leader raising the bar for students in the Advanced Placement Program in the District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) system. Frazier believes the younger children are enrolled and engaged in quality education, the better the chance is for them to stay in school, aim high, and achieve their dreams.


Early childhood education has to be a priority for the State Board of Education. Frazier is prepared to use his experience and be a voice for the Ward 4 community as its advocate on the DC State Board of Education.


Words from the Candidate -

In fifty years of educating District of Columbia public school students in Junior and Senior High and The University of the District of Columbia , I have learned:


-All students can achieve academic excellence if given the guidance and expertise of

dedicated teachers and staff;

-All students deserve equal access to 21st-century learning resources;

-The ever-changing demographics of our city have nothing to do with student success;

-Students who have any hindrance or challenge to their education, be it language, a special need, or other obstacles, can be helped by caring, dedicated educators to hurdle obstacles and meet their challenges;

-Adults need to be constantly aware of the world we live in and be able to adjust that world to our students' learning styles and needs.

During my year and a half on the State Board, i have learned so much about the public school in our city. 

I was able to be the chair of the Teacher Retention Committee and we were able to file a comprehensive report detailing the reasons why teachers leave and what our possible solutions might be.  As an educator, I always looked at the system through a teacher's eyes.  As a member of the state Board, my vision is still the same but there are so many other things to see. 

Before the pandemic hit, I had started a book drive- Mrs. O'Leary's Books for Friends, to help the libraries throughout the Ward.  Once the schools were closed, it shifted to the food distribution sites in the Ward.  It will continue.

I have really enjoyed representing you and hope to continue.

Frazier O'Leary

Ward 4 SBOE Representative


Teacher of the Year - Cardozo Education Campus   


Cardozo All-Met Hall of Fame   - CEC


DC Coaches Hall of Fame   


Cafritz Fellow     -  Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Coach of The Year    -   Urban Coalition 


Teacher of the Year-Garnet-Patterson Junior High School 


Cafritz Fellow    -   St. John's College Graduate Institute 



Vice President      - The School Club


Chair for Pre-AP Literature- DCPS 


-Board Member     - The Toni Morrison Society 

-Board Member     -  Many Stars Child Care Center   


President               - PEN/Faulkner Foundation


Department Chair-English    Cardozo High School  


Consultant for NMSI - AP Literature Student sessions

Consultant for AP Literature Institutes - The College Board 


Athletic Director  - Cardozo High School 

SBOE Public Meeting October 24, 2018


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